Clint Locklear's LURE & BAIT MAKING, tricks, tips and methods Video


$ 45.00 


This DVD is three hours of real down to earth info for making lure and baits yourself. We have to be honest here, there is no way that a 3 hour video can cover every single aspect of lure and bait making. What we have done on this video is to get into some basic and advanced lure/bait making ideas and procedures. The video cost $45.00, this is a cheap investment for you to not make mistakes and waste a ton of money spending years testing on the topics we cover. We do not spend a single second on trying to make the art of lure making in to the "elite" or "witchcraft" that has been taught over the years. You do need to be creative, pay attention to what the animals teach you with their reactions and be willing to keep learning to become a good lure and bait maker. Clint will not be telling you what is in his lures or every trick that he has learned over the years. If you want all of the info, then you would have to have deep bank account and buy his lure business, and it is not for sale.

Just some of the topics covered:

1. understanding the difference between perfume oil's, extracts and flavorings. What they are and why you would want to mix them sometimes.

2. a host of lure bases and options to build a great base for lure or baits. This is as important as the oils that go into formulations.

3. what is urine pasteurization, why you need to know about it and how you can do it.

4 Fixatives, no B.S.

5. making your own fresh fish oil on the cheap. It is cleaner smelling, and smells like real fish.

6. formulas

7. What it is not a good idea to copy formulas and why it is almost impossable to do.

8. baits and a killer bait formula that you can make yourself.

9. using quality lures as a bait solution

10. How the make Ambrette Musk Spec., a secrete found in a letter from the late, great Frank Mast. He was in his last days and wrote a letter to a freind to explain how to get the chemical make up of real muskrat musk into ambrette musk.

11. Working with rat glands

12. how to "keep" or "hold" the true odor of mink, otter, weasel and badger glands over time. These are a gental glands that you have to know how to prepare them, or you will kill the odor in formulation over a short time span.

13.How to make a killer coon scent that will be easy on your wallet.

14. cutting skunk quill

15. how to tincture castor and otter glands, in detail.

16. how to "fire up" castor to make sweeter and stronger.

17. run down on great oil's for coyotes, cats, fox, coons, otter, beaver and rats.

18. Plus, much, much more!