Skye Goode lives and traps in Central Wisconsin with her two boys. She is a career counselor by day, and sews fur hats from the animals she traps in her spare time. She started trapping coyotes after losing a bow kill buck to a hungry pack of coyotes one Fall. Skye attends many local trapping events throughout the year and frequently puts on demos for cable restraints and fur handling. Skye primarily targets coyotes and fox, but occasionally gets tags for fisher and otter when available. Skye's favorite set is a standard dirt hole with a strong call lure on the bottom and Capital Punishment predator bait on top. Skye uses fully modified Bridger #2 Dogless on both anchors and drags. Skye lives among many types of Wisconsin furbearers and has successfully caught the following species using Southern Snares baits: bobcat, coyote, red and grey fox, weasel, fisher, otter, beaver, raccoon, skunk, and even a black bear! Skye also contributes her trapping success to Spiked Mice predator bait and using the full predator line of Jelly Urine near her sets. Her primary future trapping goal is to harvest a Timber Wolf as soon as the season re-opens.



Dusty Durst is probably one of the most Avid Outdoorsman you'll ever meet. His love for the outdoors started at a young age fishing with his grandfather. As he grew, so did his interest in all things nature. He took on gun hunting at the age of 12, bow hunting at the age of 14 , and by the age of 18 he was chasing after just about every other edible critter in his home-state of Wisconsin . So with a love of the outdoors so strong it was only a matter of time before Dusty got his hands into a bucket of rusty old traps. He had no one he knew to guide him as he got started. So he learned as he went, the hard way. By making almost every "newbie mistake" in the book. But according to Dusty that's the best way to learn. His first year he caught a few muskrats and a few raccoon, pretty typical for a beginner just getting started. But by the time he was done with his second year he came just two critters away from hitting a grand slam in his state, catching at least one of every furbearer Wisconsin has to offer (all besides a skunk and a weasel which are fairly uncommon in his part of the state) When asked what his favorite target species, he didn't answer too quickly, " I love chasing them all, because they each have their own distinct quirks and challenges a trapper needs to understand and overcome to successfully trap them". His overall favorite animal to see waiting for him in the morning is a red fox hands down. But his favorite animal to track, plan, and set for is beaver. "My favorite land set is a split between a regular old fashioned dirt hole, or a "pyramid-set" (a trap bedded in the center of three equally spaced bait holes bored in a triangle around the trap bed), "Keep it simple". And because of their over all ease of use and reliability, he uses exclusively the Dogless Bridger #2 footholds. As far as his favorite bait goes he said "Just Mice! It's a no brainer!"


Adam's outdoor interests started at a very young age in eastern Minnesota. From The first time He wrapped his hands around a fishing pole, He knew it was something special. As Adam got older He started trapping . His father didn't hunt or trap so there were several years of trial and error, and far more failures than successes. But, as time passed He started learning a little more and was then able to apply those things to his trapping experiences. After a while, things started to click and Adam began to have some unforgettable outdoor experiences. Now He has the opportunity to pass this small amount of knowledge on to his children. Adam truly believes the best memories in the field are ahead of him. Adam's Favorite trapping method is Running Snares. But says he can't pass up a good place to slap in a dirt hole set. He loves using Bridger #2 Dogless His Favorite lure/bait. War Horse & capital Punishment With a little Pure Gator oil mixed in Adams's all time favorite animal to trap is Coyotes he says he feels a sense of accomplishment when trapping predators But also adds that he's an opportunist " if I find a nice Coon trail I'll throw a Dog Proof on it or hang a Snare"