Insidious Predator Lure


$ 7.50 


Insidious Predator lure is a recipe handed down now for 3 generations and is truly a work of art. I have spent the last year making sure this batch was perfect. 

Available in 1 Oz and 4 Oz containers Insidious has a skunky undertone mixed with a combination of predator catching ingredients. Some of which are very rare and hard to come by. Insidious has a proven track record of catching Coyotes, Fox, Bobcat and even Martin and Fisher. Insidious Predator Lure works year round and works its magic even better in colder climates. Insidious works on multiple instincts that will encourage the animal to work the set even more. Thus increasing your catch rate and more fur in the shed

Insidious works great in both dirt holes and flat sets, comes in a thick sticky paste. A little goes a long way with this predator lure.