TS-85 Beaver Trap


$ 34.50 


We are proud to introduce THE TS-85 Beaver Trap!!! The first beaver trap to feature an 8 1/2" jaw spread. The TS-85 is truly revolutionary, as a beaver trapping foothold, in it's simplicity. Designed and manufactured by Minnesota trapper Tim Sawatzky. Tim has 40 years trapping experience, and 35+ years experience in the manufacturing business. We've teamed up with Tim and his son, Brent, to offer you the very best beaver trap available! The TS-85 has heavy .185" thick custom made music wire springs, a fully adjustable pan for both tension and travel, a heavy 3/8" welded baseplate, and riveted jaws. This trap offers superior holding power through precision design in the curvature built into the jaws, which allows the levers to lock in as the trap closes. Comes complete with 8" of TS-85 chain, and 2 Crunchproof swivels. This beaver trap is designed to be used as a hind foot specific trap. The large jaw spread, as well as large pan, increase successful catches, and decrease snapped traps.