$ 7.95 


Intruder Buck Preorbital - Extracted forehead gland, tear duct, ear gland and wax, mouth and lip saliva. Buck are instinctively programmed to open communal licking branches in their core travel areas. It is the number one scent of interest to buck when seeking out does for the upcoming breeding season. Buck Preorbital head gland scents placed on a few broken branches above mock or natural buck scrapes with a little of your favorite deer urine placed beneath it, will make the scrape appear authentic. 1.25 oz


Doe-N-Heat - Collected from does in the peak of the heat cycle and  drives old bucks wild. This is 100% doe urine with nothing added.  Use in all phases of the whitetail rut and works great on drag rags.

$7.95   1 1/4 oz


Buc-N-Rut - Buc-N-Rut is 100% pure buck urine with tarsal gland collected during the rut cycle. Appeals to the territorial nature of mature whitetail bucks in thinking an intruder has invaded his home range. Works well in scrapes and when calling.

$7.95  1 1/4 oz


Real Scrape  - Smells just like an active scrape in a bottle. A blend of doe in heat urine, rutting buck urine, tarsal gland, and deer musk combined to make the perfect scent to add to scrapes or to make mock scrapes. 
$7.95  1 1/4 oz


All Season - Just as the name says this is an all season deer lure. A blend of plain doe urine and doe in heat urine along with exotic musk All Season brings out the curiosity in deer especially bucks.
$6.95  1 1/4 oz


Southern Fire - Our new Southern Fire is a mixture of fresh doe in heat urine, deer musk, and doe secretions that sets big bucks on fire. Use anyway you would normally use regular estrus urine and get ready for results. 

$7.95 1 1/4 oz


Doe-N-Heat Gel Urine- Our best selling urine just got better. We took our doe estrus urine and turned it into a long lasting gel for easy use and it last ten times as long. Comes packed in 2 oz jars with with screw top lid. Tip: you can place container in a drink hugger with a hand warmer on the bottom. As the jar warms the gel crystals will melt and release smell faster.

2 oz $10.95

Estrus Wine Standing Estrus - Estrus Wine is 100% doe urine that is lab tested using a patient pending process to produce the highest quality doe in heat urine on the market. Estrus Wine has been tested against some of the largest names on the market and has proven to contain the highest levels of estrus hormone available to the hunter. You will not find a better urine for your hunting need at half the price than others on the market. Use anyway you would normally use regular estrus urine and get ready for results.

1.25 oz  $21.95