Serious Money Making Strategies


$ 49.00 


This is not a "how to catch" animals or a "how to make" a set DVD. This is a how to make more money from your trapping efforts DVD! For 6 hours Clint goes into great detail on how fur and control trappers can build several income streams from their trapping efforts. If you have, or are planning to start a mail order business or supply business, Clint covers several strategies for you to grow and keep more business and profits. Learn why most trappers and mail order businesses are flat lining profits and how you can keep from making the same mistakes. You will not believe some of the information that Clint turns loose. Wanting to succeed is OK. A general plan is a start, but to win with money, YOU MUST HAVE WELL THOUGHT OUT STRATEGIES, not short term tactics. Making money is not luck or wishful dreaming; you have to out think your competition. Then you must adopt, execute, and be three steps ahead of your competition. Don't make the mistake that to produce real money you have to be the best trapper. You need to look outside of the trapping industry and apply modern money making, advertising, client service, and perception strategies. There is real money out there for you to make, but you cannot follow the average trapper to gain it. You must become the modern trapper that understands and executes profitable business strategies. 6 hours, 3 discs.