550 Para Cord Mil Spec Type III

Southern Snares & Supply

$ 7.00 


Used since WWII as parachute cord for United States airborne infantry paratroopers, 550 Paracord has an impressive history. The same qualities that make it perfect for parachute suspension also make it great for many other things. Today it is still growing in popularity among survivalists, preppers, crafters, and the everyday Joe. 

True Mil-Spec Paracord meets the requirements of Military Specification C-5040H, which requires that the cord meet numerous strength, durability, and construction specifications.  If you're looking for the real deal, this is the stuff. 

Certified type III nylon paracord  •  550 lb tensile strength  •  4 mm diameter  •  UV, rot, and mildew resistant  •  7 inner strands.