Bait Solutions


$ 19.00 


Reuwsaat's Bait Solution

Reuwsaat's Bait Solution can be added to one gallon of the fresh or tainted meat base of your choice.  This solution works great with beaver, muskrat or fish to create a top notch predator bait.  It has several additives that are highly attractive to all predators.  Simply mix in with the meat base of your choice, add sodium benzoate, let it sit for 5 to 7 days and you are ready to go.


Locklear's Bait Solution

Locklear's Bait Solution has three triggers that get predators to your sets and keeps them at your sets for a maximum catch ratio.  This bait solution pulls in coyote, fox, bobcat and big boar coon.  It comes in a pint bottle and can be used to prepare a gallon of any fresh or tainted meat or fish.  It is a strong solution that reaches out over a long distance.

To use, put a gallon of ground or chunked meat or fish of your choice in a container, add a pint of this bait solution, mix well, and go catch predators while keeping your bait expenses down.


Dobbins' Bait Solution

Dobbins' Bait Solution is an enticing liquid blend that, when mixed with your chunked or ground bait, is irresistible to canines.  This bait solution comes in a pint bottle and also comes with a packet of sodium benzoate.  One pint of this bait solution is enough to treat one gallon of meat bait.