$ 14.00 


Kellen's Red Label Extreme Predator Bait, aged Muskrat Meat Base Ground and Blended Smooth 101 Proof Stands strong against the elements  A unique odor with a mild skunk undertone makes this bait intoxicating for coyotes, red and gray fox, bobcats, coon, badgers, and bears. An economically priced bait for use at dirt holes, flat sets, buried bait sets, remakes, etc.

Kellen's Black Label Coon Bait Extreme Shellfish Bait, Aged and blended smooth 100 proof A great bait for DP'S and Bandit Busters, as well as boxes, buckets, cubbies, pockets, pipes, grass-wads, etc.  Extreme oyster/shellfish odor and flavor. An intoxicating attractant for raccoon, mink, otter, and predators. An economically priced bait that you can afford to use more liberally.

KAATZ BROS BLACK MAGIC COON AND MINK PASTE, A highly effective, versatile smoked crayfish based bait for all your coon and mink trapping. While testing this bait, Kyle caught 416 raccoon and 30 mink in 12 days on the Iowa road line! Great for any set where a trapper wants to attract coon and mink!

KAATZ BROS SAND HILLS MAGIC PREDATOR PASTE BAIT, A wickedly effective, aged bobcat meat (20+ years!!!!) paste bait that will not disappoint. Excellent results at every type of set, anywhere in the nation! While testing this bait, Mike Marchewka and Slim Pedersen both reported that it shined on coon, as well as coyotes, bobcats, reds and grays, swifts, and badgers.

KAATZ BROS UTILI-BOSS RACCOON PASTE BAIT. A fresh fish based bait that has been a dynamic attractant for coon, mink, coyotes, bobcats, and gray fox. A chunky paste great for pocket sets, cubbies, grass wads, or dirt holes. A can't miss attractant.


Caven's Minnesota Brand Predator Bait Plus is a bait and lure all in one.  Bobcat meat is blended together with skunk sacs, mink glands and beaver castor and is aged together for a full year before fixing and stabilizing.  Top notch for coyote, bobcat, fox, fisher and raccoon.


Caven's Terminator Bait is "liquid gold."  It is a multi-purpose bait put up in easy to handle thin paste form and equally attractive to fox, coyote, bobcat, raccoon and mink.  Terminator is called a bait with some hesitation as it has so many high priced glands and oils in it that it could easily be bottled and sold as a lure.  It is equally effective on mink and coon as it is on fox and coyotes and this is rare indeed.  Make sure you order this one if you're a mixed bag trapper.  4 oz. jar.


Caven's Minnesota Brand Bobcat Chunk Bait is made by running bobcat meat through an extra course screen to make small chunks and then lightly tainting it before adding a super sweet bait solution and preservative.  Mink and weasel musk are added for maximum curiosity appeal.  A great fox, coyote, bobcat and raccoon bait for all seasons at either dirt hole or flat sets.


Caven's Minnesota Valley Predator Bait has the same ingredients as the very popular Hiawatha Valley bait, but is custom made for the flat set. This bait is the real ticket for early season dirt holes and pre-season baiting. As with Hiawatha Valley, use alone or in conjunction with a good gland lure. This is a great bait for red fox, grey fox, coyote and coon. 



Rodents Revenge is a mix of fresh beaver meat and aged muskrat meat with a special bait solution added that hungry canines and cats can't resist. Has a high fat content which K9s seek during the winter months. Proven to work in all weather conditions. 


Big Muddy is a fish based bait that works on both coon and canines alike. Our fish comes strait from the fresh water of the Mississippi River not some prepossessed fish that's packed full of unnatural ingredients. Works in dog proofs for raccoon and dirt holes for coyotes.  




June's Widowmaker Predator Paste Bait is Mark June's pride and joy predator bait.  You can smell all the top-grade mink glands and beaver castor, but high grade agents like lanolin and ground bobcat meat keep this bait going and going in harsh wet or dry weather.  Not too many use lanolin or real bobcat meat as a base anymore -- it's too costly.  June does because one smear at a set catches more fur all season!



June’s Widowmaker Persimmon Predator Paste Bait is for those of you who live where persimmons grow.  Fox, coyotes, and raccoon's especially love to eat persimmons when they can find them.  Mark tested his Widowmaker Paste Bait spiked with a mild, yet sufficient, dose of persimmon and quickly discovered he was on to something special.  Predators dig for and eat this bait like they mean business.

Use this bait as a natural change-up to Widowmaker or as a different smell in areas where trapping pressure is intense and the competition is filling their dirt holes with tainted meats.


To produce top coon numbers you've got to have a bait that flat reaches out and calls masked bandits wherever they travel.  June's Ringtail Cocktail Coon Bait does just that.  Years and years of catching and skinning piles of coon led Mark June to this beauty.....powerful calling ingredients + smoked fish and weather proofed = boat loads of coon!  A perfect compliment to any of June's coon lures.  June's #1 selling coon bait.  Thick and powerful.