Ground Hog Snare

southern snares

$ 22.95 


Short snare are ideal for snaring Ground Hogs do to thier ability to crawl back into the hole after being caught. 

Made from High Grade 1/16 cable it features the best material for catching those pesky Ground Hogs. 

Made to open up to a 7.5" loop these are best set approx 2" off the ground. 

Our snares are used my amatures and professionals alike

25.5" of high grade cable

Super fast clsoing Thin Lock

Poly support

4/0 Mid swivel

11 ga end swivel

precision crimped and loaded for a higher catch rate

Works well on Ground Hogs, Skunks, Rabbits, Woodchucks and other similar sized animals

Also makes an outstanding survival snare

Made in America