$ 25.00 


Reuwsaat’s All Predator Temptation Lure calls all predators to your sets.  This lure is a staple on Lesel Reuwsaat’s line and produces big catches year after year.  It has a unique blend of oils, musk's and glands that draws all predators in to work your sets.  This lure produces great results all year round.


Reuwsaat’s Deep Creek Cat Collector Lure is the go to cat lure Lee has used for years as a full time trapper to put up big numbers of cats.  This lure works alone or with an eye attractant and, together with lots of hard work, will put impressive numbers in your fur shed.


Reuwsaat’s Deep Creek Winter Cat Collector Lure is for use when deep winter hits.  This variation of Cat Collector has the calling power needed to power through the extreme cold to get cats to aggressively work your sets.


Reuwsaat’s Bobcat Gland Lure is excellent for use at all types of sets and at all set locations.  This lure is a great attractant as a stand alone lure and also works great when paired with a bait such as Reuwsaat’s All Predator Paste bait.


Reuwsaat’s Deep Creek Winter Coyote Gland Lure really shines when the weather turns sour.  This is a great deep winter lure that has the long distance call you’re looking for when it gets cold and the snow gets deep.


Reuwsaat’s Deep Creek Coyote Gland Lure contains the best glands available.  This lure has a very strong odor that will go the distance in all seasons.  Gland lures work especially well during mating season, but this one shines year round.  When used with a dirt hole set this lure is deadly.


Reuwsaat’s Fox Gland Lure works great at scent post sets, flat sets and dirt hole sets.  It has a red fox gland base and is an excellent year round attractor for red fox, grey fox, coyote and coon.


Reuwsaat’s Winter Fox Gland Lure has the same great characteristics as Lesel’s Fox Gland lure, but it has more carrying power in the extreme cold.  This lure goes the distance when the weather gets tough.


Reuwsaat’s Long Distance Call Lure is a very strong food based call lure.  It has essential oils and musk's added that make it very appealing to all predators.  With just enough skunk essence to help it go the distance, this lure flat out performs in the heart of winter when you need that added boost at your sets.


Reuwsaat’s Skunk Lure will help increase your skunk catch.  It is a food based lure that calls skunks to your sets.  It is excellent for use with all types of traps used to catch skunks.


Reuwsaat's Green Fever Beaver Lure Is a castor based lure with moderate birch overtones.  This lure works all year, but works the best in the early spring and late fall.  This lure is very thick and sticky, it stays where you put it.