Need-A-Turd Predator Lure Placement and Holder

Paul Antzack

$ 7.95 

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Designed around a Predator's territorial instinct

Need-A-Turd, holds just the right amount of lure and urine and adds some serious visual appeal.

Need-A-Turd can be used with or without backing and your favorite coyote gland lure

Although designed for canines it is also effective on cats  using your favorite cat gland lure and urine.

Need-A-Turd is made from a high strength material that holds up in all weather conditions.

Available in a 6 pack of Turds only or a 6 pack combo with a 1 OZ jar of our Coyote gland lure “One Night Stand or Bobcat Gland Lure “Bang Tango” or our Red Fox Gland Lure