$ 28.95 


COON COLLECTOR is designed in a powerful way to save you, the trapper money! Not just a little money, but a wallet full on your hard earned money. Thats right, no need to spend money like you are used too. You see, a lot of baits are 98% fish pellets or some other kind of cheap grain. Since most of the other dog proof baits are so high in cheap filler, we are you giving you a profitable option. We at Predator Control Group are only selling you that 2%. Now this 2% is very strong, very long lasting, very attractive to raccoons and is a tested complex raccoon formula.


So here is the deal, you stop by and pick up your own fish pellets from any farm style store or even cheap cat food or another grain. Remember this is the filler, nothing more. This little trip to the store will be the same as you working for a few hundred dollars in a few moments labor. That's right work for yourself for a couple hundred bucks an hour. How, can I say such a thing? It is simple math, you can buy a bag of fish food pellets for around $11.00 for a 40 to 50 pound bag. That would be the same as ordering over 40 pints of pre-mixed coon bait at $6 to $7 a pint or more. Simple math.


Our objective at Predator Control Group is to give you the trapper the most value. COON COLLECTOR is a value of over $200.00 dollars, because you are not buying marked up cheap filler. COON COLLECTOR is the raccoon craving solution that you add to your own filler. You have two ways to do this. One, you can take a gallon or so of pellets or cat food and spray 30-35 sprays into to the pellets as you move them around in a 5 gallon bucket. Add this to dog proof trap and your up and running much cheaper than other trappers. The second way is to simply take COON COLLECTOR with you and spray COON COLLECTOR into you dog proof trap. A few sprays and you are set up to skin in the morning. 16 oz is enough solution for a whole bag of fish pellets.


COON COLLECTOR is also deadly on pocket sets, portable pockets. cage box traps, cubbies, and dirt hole. The double whammy with COON COLLECTOR is that you will nail coyotes, fox and bobcats with it as a set refresher.


Comes is 16 oz spray bottle. The flavor is, well, the flavor you will notice is the smoked anise, but that is just the first course, the other flavors and odors are harder for people noses to detect.