Predator Control Group, Blitz Coon Lure, 4 oz


$ 15.00 


This deadly raccoon trapping lure has a round house knockout punch. It is loud, it also cuts the night, screams sweetness and plus has a strong calling odor in the background to push the sweetness out all night long. Pure sweet coon lure catch a lot of trappers, but not as many raccoons. I have used this raccoon lure all over the country trapping raccoon in numbers. This raccoon lure shines on the water in pocket sets and when placed down dirt hole for those massive big bore raccoons.  A lot of ADC trappers use BLITZ COON in the cage traps around urban areas. This complex raccoon lure really calls out to raccoon in the fall and deep into the cold winter.

BLITZ COON is also a super deadly grey and red fox lure in its own right.  This is a great piece of information to keep in mind for your own trap line.

Comes in 4oz bottle