Predator Control Group's Coon CRACK Lure 16 oz Bottle


$ 15.00 


COON CRACK raccoon trapping lure  is just that, something that turn a raccoon into an addict. If you want to make sure a coon works your trap, add a few pieces of dog food on the lip of a little Grizz or the spring gap on the Alcatraz. Pour a little COON CRACK on the dog food and let a little fall inside the trap. Once a raccoon gets this lure/bait into its mouth, he is yours. He simply will not leave any bait or lure in the trap.  A Neurotransmitter stimulant has been added to COON CRACK ( no B.S.) Once a raccoon gets this lure into its mouth, the stimulant cranks up the coon and he WILL not want to stop eating COON CRACK.

Keep in mind, to get COON CRACK’s full effect, the coon must taste the lure. It has a great odor and flavor that coon will want to put into their mouth. So you need to give the raccoon a little taste, like putting some in front of set, on a few pieces of dog food or marshmallow. This will work great for control cage trappers. On DP traps, add some CRACK to the lip of the trap and a little in the trap itself. If you want to use cat food in your DP trap, make sure to pour some of this lure over the cat food.

COON CRACK is $15.00 a pint. This will be enough lure to crank up your traps for dozens and dozens of sets. It smells good, it taste good and is addictive. You will only need a small amount to the lip of the trap and then inside the trap.

If you want to rack up raccoons quick this fall, don’t forget to pre-bait with some corn, sweet feed or dog food. COON CRACK is killer on pre-baiting. You can even use COON CRACK to pull and keep raccoons that might have been on your competitions land. Please keep in mind, that too much COON CRACK will cause the raccoon to have a bad headache due to the stimulant in the lure. So only use a couple of ounces at a time to your pile or bucket system. Once the coon find your bait pile, they will be back in line like any other junky. 

16 oz bottle