Raptor Drags-Performance Trapping Gear

performance trapping gear

$ 10.95 


Performance Trapping Gear's Raptor Drags

Performance Trapping Gear's Raptor Drags are made to be highly aggresive and of the highst quality materials. Each drag weighs approx 2.65 lbs and has a total body length of 12.5" long and 7.5" wide. Its aggresive design allows the drag to dig in to the ground letting you use it without the help of trees and bushes. The angeled anti-tangle top is paramount for combating the chain from wrapping around the top, keeping your Raptor Drags in working order. The spikes are made from a high grade hardened stainless steel for a long life  When earth anchors or stakes are not an option Raptor Drags are the only way to go!