Trapper Ron's Conibear Safety Setter


$ 27.95 


Trapper Ron's Body Grip Safety Setters 330 Size

Here is newest design in body grip trap setters. This strong little tool is great for the trapper who traps alone. Made of stainless steel and laser cut parts this tool is sure to never let you down in the field. This is the tool which could someday save your life. One of the best features of the tool is that it folds up and can fit into your pocket. This will also do 280, 660 and 1000 sized traps.

Here is a short cut to an excellent video on how to use them


  1. Holding tool in your hand, lower the safety setter hook down through top spring eye.
  2. Continue past traps center rivet through lower springs eye, Hook the setter on the lower spring eye.
  3. Place other hand on top of spring. Note: the trap spring safety hook is out of the way.
  4. As you pull on the setting tool, hold the spring from turning with your left hand. When lower spring reaches the rivet on the trap, simply tilt the spring around the rivet so you do not snag on the rivet.
  5. Keep pulling until the safety setter top hook breaches the top eye on trap spring and hooks.
  6. Releasing the T-handle of the safety setter, holding the eyes of the spring in your left hand slide the trap springs safety catch up to the eye. Note: it may be on the top leaf of the spring or the lower leaf, it does not matter, slide it into position.
  7. Hold the spring with both hands and give a small squeeze to hook the springs catch.
  8. The Safety Setter is calibrated to release the springs eyes when the springs catch is hooked.
  9. Remove the Safety Setter hook, turn trap 180 degrees and repeat procedure on other spring.