Bobcat Trapping with Andy Weiser

andy weiser

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Andy Weiser makes his living trapping. He traps year-round, he traps for fur and he traps for ranchers. His skills and experience put him among
the best in the business. Canines and cats are his bread and butter. Lions and wolves are frequently encountered on his lines. He’s been at it for over
three decades.
Andy makes his home in Western Montana. From his front window he sees a mix of mountains and rangeland. It’s wild country with large variations in
elevation. The bobcats often have wide clear bellies. They are high dollar cats. They are also scattered out in low numbers amongst this big country.
As you watch this video you will see the methodology Weiser uses to ferret out where these cats roam. Once he finds one he may only get one
opportunity to connect. He can’t afford to miss it. While you watch this video you will learn the thought processes, and the techniques that have made
Weiser one of the best. The techniques Andy uses can be applied to traplines anywhere in the country. In fact, Andy has used them with success on a large
Mexican ranch that hired him due to his skills and reputation.