$ 14.00 $ 20.00


HIGH LONESOME: This is Casey's favorite lure! A food based call lure that brings in Fox, Coyotes and Coons. A fur producer, fall through winter, in any climate.

HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER: A loud sweet musk. An all around predator lure, good year round.

BIT-N-PULL: A very aromatic food lure. Makes Coyotes want to bite and pull. Also works for catching Bobcats. Good year round and in any climate.

HONKY TONK: A mild food lure, works great with M-44's. A great warm weather lure, but works year round.

SKUNK BUTTER: A very loud skunky call lure. has a great sweet undertone as well. 

AUTUMN RAIN: A curiosity lure of the first order. works year round for all predators. 

#40: A Wiley Carroll food lure from the past! With a little extra! Works in dirt holes, flat sets, T-bone set's and grub sets. Works very well in any climate year round.

SHINY CAT: A combination rub lure that works on sight and smell. Contains 5 ingredients that will make a cat want to rub, one of which is real catnip. Spread on thin so it shines in the Moonlight. 

KITTY-KITTY: Was developed as a Bobcat lure and it works great. But also works at catching any Predator. Great year round and in any climate. 

NIGHT CAT: A rub lure that will make a cat really want to rub. Also works great on Canines, Coons and Beaver. One of the best Grey fox lures, Casey has ever used!

DON QUIOTE: Coyote gland lure. Plain and simple. Smells like a coyote in a bottle! Good year round and in any climate. Coyotes, Red fox, bobcat and Big Boar coon have all been taken with with ease. Long lasting!

WATER BOY: A caster based lure with a few high dollar oils added. One of the best beaver lures you will ever use. Works as a change up on Coyotes and Fox. Bobcat are extremely attracted to it. Good year round and in any climate. 

FoxFire: Red Fox gland lure. Smells like a fox in a bottle. Long Lasting

Big Tom: A Bobcat gland lure. Has more bobcat glands in in a 4 oz container than most have in a pint. A very good change up for Coyotes as well. Very long lasting.