Ambush Dye and Wax combo

Southern Snares & Supply

$ 19.95 


The revolutionary Ambush product streamlines trap and snare preparation with its integrated dye and wax. Laboratory trials along with real world testing have enabled a formulation of these two components in a single package, eliminating the need for a multi-step process or combining with other liquids such as water or fuel. Utilizing this one product will save money and time.


Available in 3 colors

-Pitch Black

-Coyote Brown

-Gang Green


Ambush dye and wax Combo works on traps, snares and tools. A light coat of rust will work best. 


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake well for 2 minutes no mixing required. For best results clean traps or snares. A light layer of rust on traps will help coverage, but is not nessesary. Ambush Dye and Wax combo adhears to traps, snares and other metal items. Typically 1 kote for snares and two kotes for traps works very well. Ambush is fast drying and is fully cured in 24 hours. Ambush gives a finish that gives a lasting layer of protection and concealment. Ambush is an exellent dye and wax combo that is efective for both land trap, water traps and snares. For best results Water traps can be dipped twice for maximum protection. 


Our 32 oz jug can dye up to 25 dozen average length snares. For best results clean snares and let dry. dip individually or a dozen at a time. for a darker look let first coat fully dry and dip a second time.