$ 24.95 


HAGz Brackets are multi-use devices originally designed for the water trapper to stabilize virtually any foothold trap anywhere you mount it.  Plus, they work as stake swivels or slide locks.  HAGz Brackets unleash new setting opportunities, improve efficiency and reduce overall cost.


When combined with the HAGz Spring Clip, you can also stabilize 160 sized body grip traps and smaller.


HAGz Brackets use your traps frame ends inserted into one of the appropriate slots to stabilize your traps.  They are always attached to your traps so you never lose or forget them.


HAGz Brackets can be used for adjustable height sets on 3/8” rod and they can also be attached horizontally or vertically to virtually any object (stick, bamboo, stake, log, rock, float, etc.).  They can be welded to a stake or lag bolt or, with the multiple holes and slots, they can be secured with wire, screws, nails, etc.  Sold in dozen packs.