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Hal Sullivan's "Trapping Techniques for Beginners" Book contains the most current information on trapping.  But more than this, it concentrates on skills, theories and techniques of 21st century trapping as they pertain to any trapline or any animal.

Trapping Techniques for Beginners identifies the basic elements of trapping knowledge and arranges them in an orderly and coherent fashion.  Each topic is designed to give maximum insight to a particular aspect of trapping and, with certain exceptions, is not bound by any single animal or any single situation.  The goal is to provide the beginning trapper with a sound education upon which future traplines can be built.

This makes this 148 page book more than a simple training manual.  It is an educational guide designed to make you a better trapper by giving you a better understanding of the fundamental theories, concepts and techniques that embrace all forms of trapping.



Hal Sullivan's "Beaver 2000" Book

If you’re looking for methods and skills that will make you a successful beaver trapper, Hal Sullivan's "Beaver 2000" Book can increase your catch by offering you the latest techniques for trapping beaver in open water. Beaver 2000 covers all aspects of beaver trapping. It instructs you on the use and application of beaver trapping equipment including foothold traps, bodygrip traps, and snares. Beaver 2000 provides you with detailed information on the sets most commonly used to take beaver and familiarizes you with other sets that are not so well known. Beaver are more plentiful now than at any time in recent history. With Beaver 2000, you can cash in on one of America’s premier furbearers. 108 Pages, 157 photos.



Hal Sullivan's "Canines 2000" Book contains the most current information on trapping canines, covering both fox and coyotes. The methods and techniques described here are designed to give you an insight into canine trapping and help you avoid some of the pitfalls encountered in trapping these animals. This information is presented in a straightforward and logical manner, with no myth, magic, or mysticism that is often associated with canine trapping. Canines 2000 will provide you with a studied approach to canine trapping. It is a guide by which you can develop your skills in trapping both fox and coyotes. 112 Pages. 180 Photos & Illustrations.



Hal Sullivan's "Snaring 2000" Book focuses on the use and application of the modern steel cable snare. With this snare, you have the option of making nonlethal sets. Snaring 2000 can show you how to use snares effectively to create both lethal and nonlethal sets as different situations present themselves. Snaring 2000 is designed to teach you about all aspects of steel cable snares and their use. You’ll learn how to make snares, how to set snares, how snares work, and many other features of snaring. Snaring 2000 will help you become aware of the options available to you, and help you custom tailor the design of your snaring systems to best suit your needs. 100 Pages. 140 Photos & Illustrations. 



Hal Sullivan's "Otter 2000" Book presents methods and techniques for trapping otter in open water. These methods entail the exclusive use of blind sets for otter. This is a simple but very effective technique for trapping otter. Otter 2000 covers otter trapping from getting your traps to work more effectively and efficiently, to taking the pelt off the stretcher. You can learn how to predict where otter will travel and learn to identify the best locations for otter sets. But you can also learn to identify other locations and other situations in which extra traps will produce extra otter.  As otter become increasingly more common across North America, more trappers are gaining the opportunity to pursue them. Otter 2000 can help you be successful in that pursuit. 100 Pages, 171 Photos and Illustrations.



Hal Sullivan's "Fur Handling 2000" Book is an up-to-date guide for pelt handling. Today’s market has become largely standardized in the preparation of raw fur pelts. Fur Handling 2000 will help you produce pelts that meet or exceed these standards. Fur Handling 2000 covers the detailed process of pelt handling from the harvest of the animal to the final sale of the pelt. Chapters on the individual species of furbearers detail specific techniques and methods. Fur Handling 2000 is a complete guide to fur handling and will help you obtain maximum value from your pelts. 152 Pages. 300 Photos & Illustrations