Idaho Legal Wolf Snare

Southern Snares & Supply

$ 43.95 


Idaho Legal Wolf Snare

Option #1

120" long made with a H.D. Cam lock, Compression Kill Spring and a #1000 Break away, 60" of High Grade 3/32 1x19 cable Connected to a Heavy Duty #9 Barrel Swivel rated to 1000 lbs. then 60" of high Grade 1/8 7x7 cable, Black Neoprene Support collar, Heavy duty 9 Ga end swivel and Heavy Duty Washer. All precision swaged and loaded for speed.  

Option #2

97" of High Grade 1/8 7x7 Cable H.D. Cam lock, #1000 Break away, HD Compression Kill Spring, Black neoprene Support collar, 9 Ga Heavy Duty swivel and washer, loaded for speed and precision swaged ends. 

Option #3

120" total length made from 60" of High Grade 3/32 1x19 cable Thompson Snares Heavy Duty lock, Compression Kill Spring and a 2.5" Deer Stop. Heavy duty #9 Mid Swivel rated to 1000 lbs., swaged to 60" of 1/8 7x7 High Grade cable black neoprene support collar 9 Ga swivel and HD washer.