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Alpine Call Lure is a lure developed and tested in the 1970's and updated to a next generation lure 2020.  The reaction by the predators is a intense desire for the animal to get to that lure one way or another. This is one of the finest lures made that has already taken Thousands of Predators has now gotten even better. You don't want to go out without one of these Next Generation Lures on your trap line. It is one of the most valuable odors for your dirt hole sets.



Beaver Lure # 1 is a staple lure formulated in 1973 and has taken tens of thousands of beaver pelts. It is simply a staple for the water trapper. It has the ability to really piss off beavers in the spring and plug your traps with their fur!



Blood Runner is a situational lure. It may not perform well in the absence of cattle, however it is deadly in areas that do have cattle as it is a afterbirth based lure. I have had great success with this lure used as a grab and die lure. It has the curiosity and the desired food predators are looking for in livestock areas. 



Bobcat Number 1 is a pure bobcat gland lure with added curiosities for predators. This is not only attractive to bobcats, but it is also a great coyote lure. Use this as a stand alone lure at scent posts or trail sets. 



Bob's Nub Rub has a great odor when you want the furbearer to head and neck rub onto an object. This places the animal right over your trap. Effective especially for bobcats, although other predators will also be happy to do so. Great at "Projection Sets"



BootHeel Beaver Call lure was designed in the Missouri Boot Heel area by a trapper who can no longer trap, and was good enough to share his secret formula with you. He has taken upwards of 600 beaver per season. This is a great bridge and big water beaver lure. This lure is one of the most reordered products in my store.



Catty Coyote for formulated for bobcats, but the coyotes wouldn't leave it alone! Great T Bone lure used in catty locations for both coyotes and bobcats. This lure has also caught raccoons, Fischer, and wolf.



Death Scent is a next generation lure that has ramped up odors the coyotes really dig for. This lure works particularly well as a call lure with dirt hole sets or used in a mouse hole type of set. 



Final Approach is a great food change up lure. None meat based but attractive food odor and taste that is perfect for punch hole sets and grab and die sets such as T Bone sets. This food odor is very attractive to ANY predator!



This Curiosity Lure is excellent smeared on the back lip of the Dirt Hole Set. I have also had good luck smearing it on a tree trunk about 18" high above the set. They simply can't pass it up! Mild Civet/skunk odor with many added curiosities. Start using this lure when temps start to drop below freezing. 



High Hills is a proven Coyote Gland Lure tested over and over all across this country. This is my go to lure when making trail sets and scent posts. It is deadly on all predators.



Kansas Call LDC is not your normal long call lure that is skunky. This call lure focuses on Fatty Acids that draw predators in. It is also surprisingly effective on Bobcats. I know this call lure will be as effective for you as it is to me.


This lure is suggested by the Missouri Department of Wildlife formulated in my shop. This lure is effective to large buck mink on your water trap line!


Muskrat #1 focuses on taking those valuable spring rats. The sweet odor draws them into your sets with daily catches!



Old Faithful Red Fox Gland Lure was an old lure used by an experienced Illinois fox trapper. He knew to make his sets so Johnny Sneak-um couldn't find them. So he would place a few drops of this gland lure on a clump of grass along a crop field edge and blend the set back. He knew this gland lure would tell a fox to lift a leg there!



This long call lure is perfect for late season coyote dirt hole sets. Used up high early season to draw the predator into your sets. This skunky lure has a lot of minky odors to add maximum curiosity to your sets. Added attractants making this a next generation lure creating a digging response coyotes want to get to. Thousands of these jars are sold each year and many trappers do not want to share their success using this lure at dirt hole sets first of November.



Positive Attraction was formulated by the great Monty Dodson. He used this lure in Getter Gun devises and grab and die types of sets. Perfect food odor for T bone sets. This is a product that will really take some coyote fur! Best used above the ground to disperse odors. 



Tall Grass Supreme is a food curiosity lure that is ideal to use at dirt hole and punch hole sets. This adds a lot of odor to the air to draw the predators in. This Civet base odor really has a high day one catch rate!



X Factor is perfect for a call lure used at dirt hole sets or used as a grab and die lure. Its call capabilities is hard to beat. It is a preferred early season call lure by myself and trappers all across North America and Canada during mild conditions to zero degrees. It is perfect to use at mouse hole or compass type sets as well. This lure odor carries low along the ground making your sets more visible to canines even when they are not on exact location. Make sure you always have a bottle of this lure in your lure bag.