sawmill creek

$ 7.00 


Autumn Addiction

A thick & musky lure that works for all predators. Use at either dirt holes or flat sets, . This lure is a perfect blend of muskrat glands, mink glands, beaver castor, a hint of skunk, plus a couple other ingredients to get a predator’s attention. 



A castor based beaver lure made from ground fresh castors and a couple key ingredients to help pull them in.

Bailey Hollow

A LDC lure with a food base & other ingredients to help get and keep an animal’s attention. This is a thick paste to help it stay put. This lure has plenty of calling power for fisher & martin trappers and late season canine & cats. There is plenty more to this lure than just skunk.


A mouse based predator lure that gets and keeps their attention. A thick, mild and musky lure with no skunk, just the right amount oils and other ingredients added. Your holes will look like a bomb went off! 

Enchanted Lake

Enchanted Lake is a mink gland and food lure combination. It combines mink and muskrat glands with other ingredients in the right proportions to draw them to your sets.

Ruby Red

Ruby Red. Aged red fox glands with added ingredients to help get their attention. Works with all types of canine sets and is also attractive to coyotes and bobcat.


Triple C

A thick and sticky raccoon lure with a burning sweet scent. Use a lima bean amount in your DP or any other set. Also attractive to gray fox.