Professional Small Game survival Snare Kit


$ 12.95 



 Don't be fooled by some of the other inferior snares kits on  the market. Either not enough snares, no support wires, poor craftsmanship, or substandard materials. I believe this kit is superior in function and reliability. This Professional Survival Snare kit is for small game, such as rabbits, squirrels, Marten, Mink, opossum or muskrats and other small critters.  


Each snare in our basic pack are made from 3/64 1x19 cable and is 48" in length, the 1x19 cable holds a much better loop and has a higher nominal  breaking strength of 400 lbs. compare this to the 7x7 cable that has  only 270 lb. nominal braking strength.


All of our Survival Snares are loaded for speed, what is a loaded snare. A loaded snare has memory bent into the back half of the loop, making a round loop rather than a tear dropped loop, this increases the speed of which the snare closes increasing your catch rate.


All of our snares in our Professional pack comes with a quick set tie off ends. These fasten around other objects such as tree limbs or roots and secure your snare to keep it where you left it. it also speeds up the amount of time to set the snare, giving you more time to take care of other necessary things.


Buying a survival snare kit that only has 3 or maybe 6 snares in it is just not enough. A minimum of 12 snares is your best option, with more snares being even a better option. When it comes to your survival don't play games with just a few snares.


SUPPORT WIRE  12' of 16 gauge wire, enough to set out several snares at a time

SNARING GUIDE a heavy duty water proof reference card made of hard plastic that will last, this gives you a reference for loop size and height off the ground for several animals,not just the small ones. 


This is a great kit to get you familiar with Survival Snares and snaring, it all comes in an 8" by 8" reseal able bag and is compact enough for just about any bug out bag, day pack, or similar. Keeping a few of these on hand can make the difference between surviving and not making it out alive, the more people you have means more mouths to feed, make sure you have enough snares to support yourself and any additional people you may have with you. Plan for the worst and hope for the best!


Don't trust your next meal while your in a survival situation or camping trip to an inferior snare. Trust Southern Snares.