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Started by Andy Weiser, Weiser Western Lures are top quality baits, scents and lures that have been field tested and improved to make your trapping seasons have brilliant results. Andy has been making his living off of fur on a trap line for more than 30 years and creating and producing his own lures for more than 28 of those years.

Weiser's Beaver Gland Lure 

Weiser's Beaver Gland Lure is made with fresh castor and oil sacks that are ground and preserved immediately.  This lure is blended thick and oily with a certain sweet musk that is not often used in a castor lure.  It is good for any type of set for open water traps and snares and good any time of the year.  Bobcats also love it.


Weiser's Damage Stopper Lure 

Weiser's Damage Stopper Lure is a deadly beaver lure made thick and long lasting.  Only the best castors and oil sacks are used along with a good amount of food items that beavers crave.  Good on muskrat and coon, too.  Many times all that is needed is a lured stick on the shore with a trap in front barely covered with water to take out toe pinched beaver that are mound shy from previous trappers.


Weiser's WaterLine Call Lure 

Weiser's Water Line Call Lure is a castor based lure with a far reaching mint odor added.  It’s deadly on beaver and good on rats and coon.  It is a thick and very pleasant smelling lure.  Water Line Call is also attractive to bobcat and pine marten.  Any beaver man doing control work should have a jar of Water Line Call.


Weiser's Montana Long Call Lure 

Weiser's Montana Long Call Lure is a thick, loud and long reaching call lure deadly on all predators from marten to wolf.  Good at any type of set, including post sets, and any time of year including dead of summer.


Weiser's Old Timer Formula Coyote Lure 

Weiser's Old Timer Formula Coyote Lure is from a coyote formula as old as the hills and not easy to make, but if you are a coyote trapper you will want to have this with you.  All coyote parts used in this lure were cut from Montana coyotes taken in the winter months.  Carefully aged at the right temperature and supremely blended.


Weiser's Sucker Punch Lure 

Weiser's Sucker Punch Lure has a thick, strong, and lingering odor that lasts for months at a set.  Many a dead line have been woke up with it and excellent when used with urine.  Mainly a coyote lure but fox and bobcats have shown interest over the years.


Weiser's Super Cat Lure 

Weiser's Super Cat Lure is a grease based call lure that nails all cats and canines.  Use up high as a call lure or right at the set.  Excellent when used six inches to a foot away from a milder gland type lure or bait.  Fox and coyote work sets hard when Super Cat is used at canine sets.  Marten won’t leave it alone either. 


Weiser's Bad Company Lure

Weiser's Bad Company is a rattlesnake based call lure that grabs their attention and makes them dig. not a foul smelling lure, but definitely strong enough to work in the coldest weather. This lure is a combinations food and curiosity and proven and tested for many years. Can be used with bait or urine but shines by its self at the same time. Coyote trappers can put full confidence in this lure as well fox and cat men. dirt holes, flat sets and walk through's.


Weiser's Old Reliable Lure

A mink gland lure that really hammers bobcats and lion and is awfully good on fox, coyote, coon mink and martin. Used on any types of sets this lure puts fur on stretchers and is a favorite of many good trappers especially the ones that do not like to use loud smelling lures.